Take a look at some of the client testimonials, and be rest assured that you are in the right hands.

Recent Reviews

By Jimmy Coleman

Australia, posted in November 2017

Best immigration service in Whistler!! I’ve tried others and the service and help from Perez is unmatched !! Gained my PR in the estimated amount of time and regular emails keeping me up to date I will be recommending them to everyone !! Thanks again guys

By Tom C.

Australia, posted in November 2018

Great company with very helpful and friendly staff. Highly recommend for any immigration needs.

By Laura H.

Mexico, posted in November 2018

Simplemente los mejores! Recomiendo altamente los servicios de Perez McKenzie Inmigration por su profesionalidad y buen servicio. Cumplieron totalmente nuestras expectativas. Jenny es una persona increible, con amplio conocimiento del tema de inmigracion, y todos los datos que te ofrece estan actualizados con los del Gobierno de Canada. Todo lo que nos aconsejò salio tal cual, todo al pie de la letra. Lo mejor de todo es que Jenny habla perfectamente español, lo cual facilita mucho el entendimiento del vocabulario utilizado para inmigracion. Mil gracias por todo!!!

By Carlos T.

Venezuela, posted in October 2018

Professionals with real life experience

By Matt C.

UK, Posted in December 2017

From start to finish the whole team was there to help. it took me 11 months from taking my English test, then through PNP and Federal to Receiving my PR. Always replied within a day to any questions asked. Very knowledgeable and a really outgoing team. Many thanks to Silvana who was my main contact. stoked to be a Canadian Resident!

By Jacob D.

Australia, posted in November 2018

Jenny and Silvana where great help with helping me get my PR they where very straight forward and clear with what information i needed to get for them. They where also very quick and efficient working with them was a joy wouldn’t of asked for anyone else. Thanks so much guys

By Joe C.

UK, posted in October 2019

First of all, a huge thank you for the help from Perez McKenzie Immigration for over 2 years. My initial consult was in August of 2017 where Jenny gained an understanding of my circumstances and made a set of plans for my application to become a permanent resident. Jenny and her team created clear instructions as to how and what I would need to do in order to satisfy my application through express entry.
I was located originally in Whistler, but then moved around Canada during my application process. Jenny and her team knew my case very well and no matter where I was they were able to provide me with advice from their location with the detailed notes kept on record and by taking care to get to know me.
All applications are different. Some people can experience varying levels of stress during their application process for whatever reason and during the times of higher stress when I needed information quickly, Jenny’s team were able to respond concisely & accordingly. A massive thank you to Silvana for being on the end of the telephone as well as email communication, learning about my case so she was current with what I might need. I really appreciate all your help and time taken to be in immediate contact.
Communication was prompt, information was precise and care was taken to ensure my needs were met throughout my application. Thank you again. I can’t wait to cross that border as a resident!

By Nishant B.

India, posted in August 2019

I am very happy with the service provided by Perez McKenzie Immigration.
They were very prompt in their responses and the suggestions and counselling that Jenny and her colleagues especially Silvana provided were very helpful. Their service did not stop with filing our application and they continued updating us about the status right untill we got our PR confirmation letter.

By Vivek C.

India, posted in August 2019

Jenny Perez and her whole team, specially Silvana Falcon, Gabe and Elias Jimenez. They were exceptional in their services and helped me in every step. Their follow up regarding PR and their knowledge of rules set by CiC were amazing.
I would really recommend jenny Perez immigration to whom I will be in contact.

By Scott C.

New Zealand, posted in September 2019

Perez McKenzie is THE place to go if you’re looking to get a work visa, permanent residency or any other Canadian immigration issues sorted out. They are a professional team with tonnes of experience and they will look after you throughout the entire process. Highly recommend them.

By Dayana M.

Venenzuela, posted in March 2019

I have been by helped by Jenny and her team since 2014, and all I can say is OUTSTANDING. They are not only rofessional, but friendly – it’s the perfect combination. Their work is exceptional and their attention to their clients is admirable. I am grateful to have found them in my journey and have/will recommend them to everyone who needs assistance regarding immigration . THANK YOU JENNY and SILVANA. <3 Forever grateful.

By Jono H.

Australia, posted in March 2019

My experience with Jenny, Silvana and the team at Perez McKenzie has been successful and positive. With ambitious time lines and far from ideal circumstances as a result of my travel schedule, the team were able to help me attain my immigration needs and allow me to continue to contribute to Canada in my current
coaching role. During what is always a stressful process, Jenny and Silvana kept my wife and I positive and on track to secure our PR status and not only are we grateful now, but we will continue to utilize the services provided by Perez McKenzie and highly recommend them for the needs of anyone else looking to attempt the process of attaining a work permit to PR.

By Daniel D.

Belgium, posted in November 2018

I highly recommend Jenny and her team as result-driven, trustworthy immigration consultants. I have met with multiple consultants throughout my PR
application, but Jenny was the only one who could give such up-to-date and objective advise. She is extremely professional and to the point. Look no further, these guys give the best immigration advise in Vancouver (and beyond).

By Pamela I.

Chile, posted in November 2018

Jenny and her team are amazing! Alan and Silvana were of great help and always there to answer my questions.
Thanks to them I can finally say that I’m resident, it was a long process and their help and support was essential during this period. They really care for you and go above and beyond to make it happen, I’ll definitely recommend them to anyone looking for an option to stay in Canada and I’ll be without a doubt using their services for citizenship!
Best regards and thanks once again for everything!
A happy newly resident,
Pamela 🙂

By Krystof L.

Poland, posted on February 2019

Jenny and her team are professional but also down to earth. They have a lot of experience and understanding in processing immigration applications and even if you think your situation is unique they’ll be able to have answers for you! Definitely recommended!

By Le Ting C.

China, posted in November 2018

Jenny had been a great help throughout my immigration progress. Met with her and she immediately knew what I did wrong on my application. She corrected it and told me to make the amended changes. Would definitely recommend Jenny’s services. Got my PR status within 2-3 months of seeing her!

By Henry B.

UK, posted in February 2019

Jenny and her team have been wonderful!
They are honest and responsive. They give clear feedback about everystep and they could put up with my constant repatition of questions without fail. I can’t recommend them enough!

By Rodrigo Z. 

Brazil, posted in November 2018

I have no words to describe the amazing experience I had as a customer at PM Immigration, especially all the undivided attention and throughout support from Silvana Falcon, my immigration advisor! She has established an open communication relationship demonstrating to be always there to answer questions and provide guidence to obtain all the necessary documents for my BC PNP application! I’m really happy for have chosen PM immigration’s services!

By Kevin A.

Spain, posted in February 2019

PM Immigration is the best in the business.
Have acquired my BC PNP in a record time. Realy good service and very good knowledge.

By Luis E.

Mexico, posted in November 2018

The team at Perez Mckenzie is great!!!!!! Especially Jenny and Silvana, Silvana is awesome! She was really helpful, she was quick answering all my questions (which were a lot!).
They are really professional, and they always take the time to guide you through everything!
I would highly recommend using them, as they made my whole experience look easy, clear, and stress free!
Thank you Jenny, Silvana, and the whole team!!!!!! 🙂

By Przemyslaw M.

Poland, posted in November 2018

It was a pleasure working with Jenny and Alan throughout my Express Entry process. Everything went super smooth. I appreciate the time, guidance, professionalism and reassurance through the application.
Working with PM Immigration was definitely the best decision I made!
Awesome to be resident. Thanks again guys!

By Rebecca V.

Australia, posted in November 2018

Perez McKenzie Immigration was excellent to deal with, they helped me understand the process and what I needed in order to qualify for permanent residency!! I always recommend Perez Immigration if anyone asks who to use, they are very reliable and knowledgeable about the ever changing Canadian Immigration system.

By Laura K.

Australia, posted in November 2018

Jenny and her whole team have been amazing over the past 4 years with all of my PNP and PR applications! although it may have been a very long wait/process, Jenny and her team have always been available to answer any questions I had and always calmed me down whenever i got stressed about the whole process. Would definitely recommend their services to EVERYONE wishing to apply for Residency.

By Amanda E.

Australia, posted in November 2018

I was recommended to Jenny after my partner’s
success with his Canadian PR. From the beginning until i received my Approved status, Jenny, Becky and her whole team were beyond helpful, supportive and positive the whole way through. Achieving PR status in Canada is a dream come true and i will always recommend Jenny and her amazing team. Thank you for everything!!! xo

By Nadine D.

Australia & France, posted in November 2018

Huge thank you to Jenny and Silvana who have been amazing to work with through the PR application process! They have made it as smooth and easy as possible, always responding to questions very promptly and making sure everything is done in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend Perez McKenzie Immigration and have referred several friends their way. Thanks again for helping me make Canada my home!

By Janja K.

Slovenia, posted in November 2018

PM immigration has been nothing but the best decision I could have made in the process of becoming a Permanent Resident! Jenny, Silvana and the entire team are real professionals and make the whole process seam so easy! They approach every case with a specific plan that is methodical and most suited for your situation! Not only that, they are very flexible and ready to accommodate everyone! Specially in my case, since I live 2.5 hours for Vancouver most of our interaction was done through email, Skype or phone and it was never a problem! Becoming a resident of this beautiful country is quite intricate and delicate so I would recommend to everyone to seek legal advice and not just any but Perez McKenzie Immigration!

By Brogan R.

UK, posted in November 2018

Our journey to Canadian residency was not smooth.
There is no doubt in my mind that it would not have been possible without the hard work, dedication and meticulous efforts of Silvana, Jenny and PM Immigration. Silvana got us through our tough-to-navigate requirements and application process with professionalism and reassurance and ultimately got us where we are today. Silvanas help has been incredibly valuable to us, her prompt email responses, forward planning and preparation was greatly appreciated. We would not hesitate to recommend Silvana and PM Immigration to anyone looking to live in Canada.
Brogan & Jasper

By Julia S.

Australia, posted in November 2018

Silvana and Jenny helped me with all my questions along the way and made the process very simple for a fast, no stress residency application. Highly recommend!

By Tony C.

Italy, posted in November 2017

I attribute the reason I am still in Canada to the efficiency, timeliness, professionalism, and guidance that Perez McKenzie Immigration offered during the stressful permanent residency process. Each member of the team is personable, kind, and very good at their job. I would like to thank them immensely for their hard work. If you are looking to be represented look no further. This team is the best that you can get. I have nothing but good things to say about them. Put your trust and faith into them and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Once again, thank you so much to Perez McKenzie Immigration for helping me and making me feel most welcome here in Canada, my second home.

By Nico L.

Belgium, posted in November 2017

I have been very lucky to be helped by Jenny, Silvana and Alan for my residency process. This process has been long as some setbacks were met along the way due to a change in personal situation. However they didn’t lose any time offering solutions so that the residency got approved. Jenny and her team have always been clear and transparent from the start, allowing me to be constantly updated and informed properly. I am very thankful for their help and would not hesitate to recommend them.

By George B.

India, posted in November 2017

We have been working with Jenny, Silvana and Alan (Perez McKenzie Immigration) for the past few months and they have done a fantastic job in helping us process our Canada PR application. They are very dedicated and professional with their work and have a very good knowledge about the entire PR process. They guided us during the entire PR process and submitted our application without a delay. We live in the US and the complete process was done over skype, phone and email. We received our PR within 2 months after our application was submitted. They were very approachable and their support and patience during the entire process is much appreciated. We once again thank the entire team for helping us get our Canada PR successfully. We have already recommended Jenny and her team to some of my friends and would absolutely continue to do so in the future as well.

By Emily H.

USA, posted in November 2018

Dealing with the immigration process can be an extremely stressful time. Jenny and the team at Perez McKenzie Immigration made it so much more manageable! I received my Permanent Residency approval and could not have done it without their guidance, support and hard work. I had a lot of anxiety about the process, but the team was wonderful with reassuring and communicating clearly with me. I could not be more appreciative. They completed things in a timely manner, and worked with me when parts of my situation got complicated or very pressed for time. Special shout
out to Silvana and Elias for their constant communication and support! I will be recommending this firm to all my friends who need immigration help in the future!

By Simon W.

Switzerland, posted in November 2017

We have been working with Jenny, Alan and Becky over the last few weeks. They processed our work visas within an incredibly short time frame. Everything worked very smooth and I think only thanks to them we are still in Canada and allowed to work legally. Simon (Switzerland) & Daniela (Czech Republic) Thank you very much for all the effort and the great support.

By Tina B.

USA, posted in November 2016

Jenny Perez did a fantastic job on my permanent residency application. She is the consummate professional. After two highly informative meetings with Jenny, I decided to employ her to finish the permanent residency application for myself and my daughter. My daughter was turning 19 in a mere 6 weeks, so time was of the essence. Jenny was highly responsive in answering all my emails. In fact, she worked on my file on the weekend to make sure CIC received my application prior to my daughter’s birthday. I highly recommend Jenny Perez to anyone considering immigration or permanent residency in the Whistler – Vancouver area.

By Shana S.

USA, posted in November 2017

Thank you to everyone at Perez McKenzie Immigration for processing our family’s Canadian PR application with the utmost efficiency and professionalism. From our first skype call with Jenny, to working through the entire application process with Silvana, we were provided with reliable and accurate information, ensuring our application was processed and accepted in just over a month! Thank you for your diligence in making sure everything was processed perfectly – we are more than thrilled to be landing soon!

By Riki R.

Spain, posted in November 2018

Thanks to Silvana, Jenny and her team for all the help and guidance thru the PR application! Also really helpful for me to be able to express in Spanish 🙂 Muchas Gracias PM Immigration!

By Robbert S.

New Zealand, posted in November 2017

Jenny came highly recommended to me by two of my fellow expats and I wholeheartedly agree with their praise. She helped me make sense out of Canada’s complicated immigration policies and quickly worked out a plan that was most likely to allow me to stay and work in Canada. She was well informed and professional, but also highly approachable and patient. Jenny’s consultations always succeeded in making me feel less stressed about my immigration despite it being a big step for me. On top of this she was able to use her connections to solve some questions for me when my PR application turned out to be fairly unique. I highly recommend Jenny Perez and the team at PMImmigration.

By Lachlan S.

Australia, posted in November 2018

I would highly recommend using Perez Mckenzie Immigration. I was successful in getting Canadian permanent residency and Silvana and Jenny were very helpful
along the way. Professional and quick to reply to any questions.

By Jenna S.

UK, posted in November 2018

It was a pleasure working with Jenny and Silvana throughout our FSW Express Entry process. We appreciate the time, guidance, professionalism and reassurance through the application.
Once submitted our application was approved within a matter of weeks! Working with PM Immigration was definitely the best decision we made!

By Hector G.

Mexico, posted in November 2018

I want to congratulate Jenny, Elias, Silvana and the whole team of Perez Mckenzie Immigration for their outstanding knowledge and experience in their area. They took my case and with a personal and professional interest walked me through the entire process. If you trust and listen to their advice is highly likely that your story can be a success just like mine. Muchas gracias !

By Cale R.

Australia, posted in November 2017

Jenny and Silvana were amazing through out my
successful application. Since I live 6 hours from their office the whole application was done over phone/skype and email.

During my application I referred many friends who have also had amazing service from the team!

By Matthew A.

UK, posted in November 2017

I joined PM Immigration after having doubts with my previous immigration advisor, Jenny, Silvana and the rest of the team instantly saw the flaws in my PR application and fixed them.

Not only are they incredibly skilled and knowledgable, but professional too. They promptly replied to emails, almost always on the same day, to address any concerns that I had.

I’m now happily a permenant resident in Canada.

By Mitchell B.

UK, posted in November 2017

Jenny, Silvana and the team at Perez McKenzie made the process of obtaining permanent residency a breeze. Very helpful throughout the process.

By Faye R.

UK, posted in November 2017

Jenny and her team walked us through the entire PR process making it very easy for us with minimal stress. To make things even better she managed to get everything submited and expidited and we had our perminenet residency within 2 months!
I would highly recommend Jennys services to anyone.

By Veronica M.

Venezuela, posted in October 2019

(Translated by Google) Exceptional service! They were very patient with my millions of questions.

Always very attentive and cordial. I am very happy to have done this residency process with Jenny, Silvana and Gabe.

I can’t wait to work together again ☺️☺️.

Thanks for helping! 100% recommended!

By Phoebe H.

UK, posted in October 2019

I had a pretty sensitive case so I decided to use Perez Immigration. I will be completely honest, I had a few different people deal with my case and a couple of times I did worry things were missed. I stressed this at one point and can honestly say they have been awesome since and fully reassured me! I’ve had to appeal my case and spent hours at the border getting investigated. Perez immigration have helped me every step of the way, and I am now at the final stage with the worst, most stressful part over! Huge thank you to everyone that helped with my application, but a massive shout out to Silvana (office manager) who has been absolutely AMAZING!!
Thanks you so much everyone!!

By Mark H.

UK, posted in October 2019

Excellent service, would highly Recommend!
Jenny and her team managed to keep me in Canada near when my visa ran out and secure my pr, infact a lot quicker than expected!

By Debora B.

Chile, posted in August 2019

Excellent service! They were always there for me to answer all my questions. They were kind and patient and some of them speak Spanish which made
everything easier. They even helped me once the process finished and that shows how professional they are. I highly recommend them.

By Tobias M.

Australia, posted in August 2019

Fantastic service. Eveyone that I dealt with at Perez Mckenzie was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and diligent. Their hard work are the reason so many people have successfully immigrated to Canada. I could not recommend them enough!

By Andrea A.

Colombia, posted in August 2019

Very first time I met Jenny was in 2016 after she helped a school-mate and her family to get their PR . I had just graduated college and wanted to get a head start on my possibilities. My case was not extremely complicated at first and she was very thorough with her explanation. Years passed, things got a bit trickier and I started to worry. Throughout the entire time, Jenny and her team were extremely approachable and a joy to work with. They were always very attentive and willing to help. I am now a happy permanent resident of Canada and I can honestly say I do not know what I would have done without their help. They answered every email, every phone call, always with a positive attitude. I would not hesitate to recommend Perez McKenzie Immigration to everyone! Thank you Jenny, Silvana, my case analyst and the entire team.

By Sophie Coxall.

UK, posted in July 2019

I went to Jenny for a consultation for applying for PR. I was feeling very overwhelmed and confused about the approach I should take and if I was in a position to be eligible! I decided to take the approach of getting an immigration lawyer so that I had the relief that everything was getting done the correct way. Jenny, Silvana and the rest of the team we’re AMAZING! They simplified everything to me, sent me templates that were easy to follow and kept me on top of deadlines.
I would like to thank Jenny, Silvana and the team for everything that they did for me and I am a happy Canadian resident and will be going to Jenny in the future for citizenship and will highly recommend Perez McKenzie to anyone I meet looking to applying.

By Calum W.

UK, posted in May 2019

I was apprehensive of spending the money for professional help with my PR Application but so, so glad I picked Jenny, Silvana and their team of very helpful staff. Their knowledge and support they gave me throughout the whole process was incredible and well worth the price. Have recommended them to many of my friends since and can’t thank them enough for their hard work!

By Rhianon D.

UK, posted in May 2019

Jenny, Silvana and the team were simply awesome! Thank you for taking the stress away. I can’t thank you enough!!

By Clare L.

UK, posted in May 2019

Its was a long process for our partner and I to get our PR.
We didn’t have a straight forward situation but Silvana and the team guided us every step of they way. We could never have done it without them.

The government websites are so confusing and ever changing, the team kept us informed and up to date with any additional pieces of info needed.

Silvana seemed to be there for us day and night with quick response times.
I have recommended Perez McKenzie to around 5 friends and they are now all Permanent Residents.

Thank you Silvana and Jenny for all your help and support.

By Jamie M.

USA, posted in April 2019

A huge thank you Silvana, Jenny and the team at Perez McKenzie Immigration. Very easy with their professional help, and successful Permanent Residency in such a short amount of time!

By Infinity Group

Canada, posted in April 2019

Last month we ran into a challenging situation in which we thought that all of our efforts towards a work permit would be in vain. One call to PerezMckenzie Immigration quickly changed that and set us back on the correct path to getting a work permit for our team member. PerezMckenzie Immigration is like a safety net of information that you can rely on and what sets them apart from other consultants and lawyers are their genuine care about quickly resolving any problems you encounter. We felt very comfortable with working with Jenny and her team and highly recommend them to anyone that is trying to obtain their permanent residency or a work permit in Canada. (Review for this year 2019)

We recently used PerezMcKenzie to process a few employment work visa’s for our company and they made a daunting and intimidating process simple, easy to understand and took a lot of stress and uncertainty away. Our company has used many immigration consulting firms in the past in Whistler and Vancouver, and PerezMcKenzie Immigration stands out. There were no hiccups, everyone we worked with was professional, they responded to all of our questions on a timely basis, and didn’t make us feel as though our questions were annoying. But most importantly we got the work permits and employees that we needed. (Review for last year 2018)

By Damian R.

Australia, posted in April 2019

Jenny and the team helped me through my residency process and it was a great help, couldn’t of done it without them.
Would recommend to anyone.

By Glen W.

Australia, posted in April 2019

Perez McKenzie were great when dealing with my Permanent Residency application. They were very helpful and explained everything to me when I had questions about a process I knew nothing about. Thank you again Jenny and everyone there for your guidance.

By Sam A.

UK, posted in April 2019

Great service! If you don’t want to deal with all the stress of the PR application I would highly recommend Silvana and Jenny.

By Harry K.

UK, posted in April 2019

Jenny and Co. helped my partner and I so much. As soon as we decided to take their services for the entire application it reduced our stress levels infinitely! It made the whole process easy! One of the best decisions I’ve made. So simple to deal with.

By Joy M.

Italy, posted in March 2019

Jenny and Silvana helped me with my application. They are very professional, trustful, always available and also very friendly. I would highly recommend their team to anyone who needs immigration assistance. They are simply the best!

By Chen Z.

China, posted in December 2018

I would highly recommended these amazing people from PM Immigration, they’re a highly professional and efficient team, and I’m so glad that I chose them to help me get my PR. Just can’t say enough how grateful I am! Bravo!!

By Angie P.

Mexico, posted in December 2018

(Translated by Google) Thanks to the recommendation of some friends, I started my permanent residence process with Jenny Pérez, and thanks to her services I finally got my PR, thanks to her team, Silvana especially always so patient and kind in answering all kinds of doubts. My family is very grateful. I recommend them 100% Gracias a la recomendación de unos amigos, inicié mi proceso de residencia permanente con Jenny Pérez, y gracias a sus servicios finalmente obtuve mi PR, gracias a su equipo, Silvana especialmente siempre tan paciente y amable en responder todo tipo de dudas. Mi familia está muy agradecida. Los recomiendo 100%

By Victoria M.

Chile, posted in November 2018

I am extremelly grateful for what Jenny, Silvana andher team did for me. I did my process of permanent residence with them and it was a success. They always were able to answer any concern or doubt that I had during this process, I had a lot of support. They are so professional and provide an incredible service. I would highly recommend them.

By Ollie B.

UK, posted in November 2018

Incredible service. Jenny and Alan along with the rest of the team did a great job on putting together my PR application and made the process as clear and easy as possible. From submission date, it took a total of 29 days to get approved which I put down to PMImmigration getting it so right first time around!

By Thomas G.

India, posted in November 2018

I did my permanent residence application with Perez Mckenzie, it was processed and approved well within time. I must say that PM made my journey through this complicated process an easy one. Jenny and Silvana handled my case personally and always answered queries and concerns promptly. Their efforts and decesion making made a great impact on making sure my application goes through and has nothing missing in it avoiding any delays or rejections as I have seen in case of some of my friends, who did their application themselves.

I would recommend PM to everyone who does not have much idea about how immigration application works as its better to do it right the first time than making mistakes that will cost your application.

By Nicolas D.

Italy, posted in November 2018

Very professional en knowledgeable legal assistance has led to a positive result in getting a Canadian Permanent Resident Card. Thank you!

By Fabio B.

Brazil, posted in November 2018

We We are extremelly grateful for what Silvana and her team did for us. Not only they were a huge support with our documents, asking us for the most relevant ones, making sure we had the best tools in hand to aim for our Visa, but they were also a support emotionally. They never hesitate to help us with our doubts and to ease our minds and hearts when we had our doubts and concerns. They took care of our entire process always making sure that we were progressing in the best outcome possible. We could never have done it ourselves since they provided us with all the information that we needed and in a very short period of time. We have our visas in hand and are very happy and thankful for all the hard work. I would recommend them anytime. Thank you!!!

By Ashish K.

India, posted in November 2018

I would highly recommend Perez Mckenzie Immigration. I was successful in getting Canadian Permanent Residency.Silvana and Jenny were very helpful along the way.

Silvana and Jenny made my entire Immigration process with minimal stress.To make things even better she managed to get everything submitted and expidited and we had our Permanent Residency within 3 months.

By Chris C.

UK, posted in November 2019

Jenny and her team were an amazing help during mine, and many of my friends residency applications. They are professional, knowledgeable, and very hard working, and were there with quick answers to every step along the way. I would recommend them to anyone needing help with residency and visa applications. They were completely worth the cost!

By Alun G.

UK, posted in November 2019

Everyone at Perez McKenzie has been excellent, from start to finish. First class service and helpful, very responsive to any questions and knowledgeable about the entire residency process. I strongly recommend Perez Mckenzie to anyone seeking advice about becoming a resident.

By Fresie L.

Philippines, posted in November 2019

Excellent service! My PR application was stress-free for me for i had Jenny and her team. The processing was smooth and the result was earlier than i expected. Thank you so much to Jenny and her team! God speed!

By Rosie M.

Philippines, posted in November 2019

I am using Perez Mckenzie services to process my PR application. The process was very easy, staff was attentively and answers all my questions according to my satisfaction. I know that the process is so complicated, difficult. But I have Perez Mckenzie Services whom I very well trusted to handle all my worries. They’re very knowledgeable and efficiently to all I needed for the processing of my PR application. That’s why I highly recommended their services to all applicants and clients.Very excellent in Service. Thank you Jenny ,Silvana and entire team.

By Pragnya P.

India, posted in July 2019

I am very happy with the service provided by Perez McKenzie Immigration. They were very prompt in their responses and the suggestions and counselling that Jenny and her colleagues especially Silvana provided were very helpful. Their service did not stop with filing our application and they continued updating us about the status right until we got our PR confirmation letter.

By Mark G.

Australia, posted in April 2019

Jenny and her team have been fantastic every step of the way. From from the time I decided to apply for permanent residency right up to becoming a Canadian citizen. Perez McKenzie Immigration has taken care of everything. You couldn’t ask for a better team to guide you through the challenging process. Thank you Perez McKenzie Immigration. I love being a Canadian.

By Addy A.

Mexico, posted in December 2018

I can not be more thankful with Jenny and her dedicated team, they were so helpful and patient with me, with all their attention and knowledge about any question from the beginning to end, they made my dream comes true <3

By Nicholas L.

UK, posted in July 2019

I initially used Perez McKenzie for advice regarding the optimal route for me to take to get my PR, and then again to finalise my application, taking the pressure off me to ensure everything was submitted correctly and in the right form. Jenny and Silvana were very helpful and responsive throughout, and kept me updated as to what was left outstanding. They both continued to provide advice after submission and then after subsequent approval, to answer any remaining queries I had. Throughout the process, I made sure I was prepared in completing the necessary steps during the application, so this also made their work easier towards the end when I requested their services. I would certainly recommend to anyone wanting initial advice, or more substantial guidance with their permanent residency application.

By Amara White

New Zealand, posted in April 2018

We came to PM Immigration in a panic after our first application for PR was cancelled and we had 30 days remaining on our work permits. Jenny, Alan and the team made what had been months of stress a very simple process. What had been late nights trying to decipher the CIC website became early nights sound asleep as they dealt with everything and kept us in the loop every step of the way. We were permanent residents of Canada less than 3 months after dealing with PM Immigration and can honestly attribute the reason we’re still in Canada to them.
If you’re looking for an immigration lawyer, I have no hesitation in recommending them (and have already done so to a few friends and colleagues).

By Maria Ligia Zuluaga Gil

Chile, posted in February 2019

Perez Mckenzie Immigration y demás equipo de trabajo : Sea este el momento para darles mis más sinceros agradecimientos por la excelente labor que han realizado desde hace mas de cinco anos, con respecto a los tramites de Residencia, permisos de trabajo y actualmente la ciudadanía de mi hija DAYANA. Hoy recibí con gran alegría el mensaje de la obtención de la ciudadanía canadiensei. Es un triunfo obtenido principalmente por ustedes ya que su responsabilidad, orientación y apoyo fueron primordiales.

Si alguien requiere de sus servicios, no duden en contactar esta excelente empresa. Le doy gracias a Dios por haber encontrado personas tan maravillosas.

Zuluaga Gil Maria Ligia

By Daniel Duncan

UK, posted in December 2017

I am absolutely delighted with the work that Jenny, Silvana and the team have done for my residency application. Right from the get go Jenny put me at ease with her knowledgeable and planned approach for the entire process. Her professionalism and genuine interest in my case made my visits to the office an enjoyable experience and I always left feeling like my case was in great hands. Special thanks to Silvana who speedily replied to every email I sent no matter how small the question and who navigated me through every step with complete assurance and updated me on every advancement along the way. I don’t know how many times I have recommended Perez McKenzie Immigration to friends, if you want a peace of mind PR process and a fantastic team backing you there is no other choice. Thank You ladies!

By Jason Carter

New Zealand, posted in June 2018

Originally planning on a brief working holiday, I required help once the decision was made to stay. Jenny, Alan, Silvana and the team were fantastic in facilitating this! From the first meeting, realistic and honest options were laid out, and reasonable expectations discussed. Throughout the entire experience, they seemed genuinely invested in my case, and helped with multiple issues that came up throughout the process. They also went above and beyond to help a co-worker who was ‘gifted’ an extremely tight deadline for a work permit. I definitely would (and have!) recommend them if you’re looking into immigration.

By Li li 

France, posted in July 2018

Jenny and her team have been nothing but amazing! Jenny cuts to the chase and won’t waste your time. Silvana my case worker has been nothing but supportive the entire time! She’s very knowledgeable and prompt with all responses. She even went out of her way to book my medical appointment while I was overseas. Thank you Jenny and Team for helping us achieve our permanent residency, it has been challenging but extremely worth it! We couldn’t have done it with out you.

By Lyndsey Sutton 

UK, posted in June 2018

The team at Perez Mckenzie were great especially Jenny, Alan and Silvana! They made the whole experience easy and stress free. They were prompt with replies and gave honest feedback with regards to wait times etc.

I would definitely recommend them to a friend and will certainly be using their services again when I apply for citizenship!

Thanks again guys….I couldn’t be happier now that I am a resident

By Victoria Farrand 

UK, posted in June 2018

Jenny is a warm hearted person whose dedication and professionalism was essential in helping us achieve our dream of living in Canada. We have since recommended her to many of our friends and will continue to do so for years to come.

By Rachael P. 

UK, posted in December 2018

Even with a limited amount of time, Jenny helped me with every aspect of the application process and was always happy to answer questions. Jenny offers a very thorough, honest and personal service and I would highly recommend Jenny to anyone who wants to move to Canada permanently.

By Jesse Goodman. 

Australia, posted in March 2015

When taking into consideration my future, my career, my love for Canada, the friends I have made here and my care free way of life in this beautiful country, I did not want to leave anything to chance. I had Perez McKenzie Immigration help me from start to finish on my permanent residency application. Not having to worry about websites, filling out & submitting mountains of confusing paper work, Jenny’s professional approach and personal care with my case has let me take the hassle out of applying for my residency and I am now one step closer to one day living my dreams.

By Rob Swift. 

UK, posted in May 2015

With Jenny’s in depth knowledge of the immigration system, she saw hope in my application to stay in Canada where myself and others believed I was ineligible. Jenny and her dedicated team worked hard on my behalf to make sure my application for residency was the best that it could be, taking the stress out of the situation for me. Unlike larger immigration companies I consulted, Jenny takes a personal approach and gets to know you and was always there to hear my thoughts and concerns regarding all steps of the immigration process.

By Emilio Demori. 

Italy, posted in June 2015

When I met Jenny, I was running out of time. I could not accept I had to leave Canada in a month. Most of my friends warned me that finding an alternative would not be possible, but in just a few days Jenny arranged my paperwork and most of all, she motivated both me and my employer when we were losing the hope of collecting all we needed on time… and we made it! I also want to tell you an episode that happened some time after: when I had to go to the border to fix some papers, she drove me there for free. They could not believe it. They were asking her “are you driving your client for free? really? how come?”. This action goes way beyond honesty. She rocks at her job and she does it because she likes helping us achieving our goals and she cares about it. I would not be here today if it was not for Jenny. I would recommend her without any doubt, personally and professionally.

By Brooke Beane. 

USA, posted in June 2015

Jenny is extremely professional, organized and her business process is very streamlined and efficient. She and her assistants were always quick to respond to any of my questions, and made sure I was staying on track to meet all of my deadlines. I had no clue what I was doing when it came to applying for PR and could not have finished such a big task on my own. She is extremely reliable, hardworking, sincere and kind hearted. Jenny truly cares for each of her clients, and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in immigrating to Canada. I will definitely be hiring Perez McKenzie Immigration when I apply for Canadian citizenship in the future

By Louise Mackinnon.

Australia, posted in June 2015

After visiting several immigration consultants, feeling as though something was amiss, I sought advice from Jenny and instantly knew she was the one to help me. Not only was Jenny a warm and welcoming businesswoman, I was absolutely thrilled at every single effort she made for me, even during her pregnancy and birth of her baby daughter. Not once was there ever a breakdown in communication with Jenny and her staff always displaying an elite level of professionalism and friendliness towards me making me feel as there were no other clients but myself. Jenny and her team went above and beyond all of my expectations making what would of been quite a daunting task, feel stress-free and effortless throughout the entire process. With a few curve balls thrown her way due to amendments within the immigration law act, Jenny was flawless in seeing through my permanent residency from beginning to end. I will continue to recommend clients to Jenny for as long as there are people looking to achieve the gift of permanent residency in Canada. I can’t thank her enough for making my dream become a reality!

By James Fahey.

New Zealand, posted in October 2016

Jenny and Silvana, I just want to say thank you to both of you again, you really have made my year! I really appreciate all your hard work and guidance through this. I will definitely be recommending you to all my friends. The way you handled it was awesome, I was not just another number/client, it felt very personal and I really felt like you were fighting for me so thanks again and thank you for making it easy to deal with you both.

By Korey Klein.

Canada, posted in October 2016

Jenny has been super attentive and completely available. Her abilities to navigate the complexities as well as her patience with all of the legal requirements was very much appreciated! Jenny is the type of person that you want in your corner and if you ever have any doubt about the direction she is taking you, know that her greatest asset is her ability to listen. Jenny has a heart of gold, she truly cares, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call her if I needed her help

By Sean King.

UK, posted in May 2018

I found Jenny to be knowledgeable and genuine. She offered me some really constructive advice and gave me a much better understanding of how the process worked. It really helped to be able to deal with someone with experience.

Applying for permanent residency is such an important thing to everyone going through the process, dealing with Jenny helped me feel a lot more calm and confident about the process.

I’m happy with my experience with dealing with Jenny Perez and I’m extremely happy with the outcome of application. I’d recommend her to anyone looking for help with their permanent residency application.

By Shane Clarey.

Australia, posted in June 2018

Originally planning on a brief working holiday, I required help once the decision was made to stay. Jenny, Alan, Silvana and the team were fantastic in facilitating this! From the first meeting, realistic and honest options were laid out, and reasonable expectations discussed. Throughout the entire experience, they seemed genuinely invested in my case, and helped with multiple issues that came up throughout the process. They also went above and beyond to help a co-worker who was ‘gifted’ an extremely tight deadline for a work permit. I definitely would (and have!) recommend them if you’re looking into immigration.

By Simon Sobolewski.

Australia, posted in January 2018

Results speak louder than words! So happy to be accepted as a permanent resident of Canada, truly life changing!
After my initial interview my dream was almost lost, with a very slim chance of PR. Jenny and the crew working seamlessly as if i was their only case, promptly replying to all my emails and calls which made this personally stressful process much easier.
Highly recommend Perez McKenzie Immigration, I will be sure to contact you in 2 years for Citizenship 🙂

By Nicolas Lachowski.

Belgium, posted in October 2017

I have been very lucky to be helped by Jenny, Silvana and Alan for my residency process. This process has been long as some setbacks were met along the way due to a change in personal situation. However they didn’t lose any time offering solutions so that the residency got approved. Jenny and her team have always been clear and transparent from the start, allowing me to be constantly updated and informed properly. I am very thankful for their help and would not hesitate to recommend them.

By Mandy Stofmeel.

Australia, posted in March 2018

PM Immigration was the best decision I made in the process of becoming a Permanent Resident of this beautiful county I can now call home. Alan & Jenny were so professional, helpful and made the process seem like a dream… and it really did become a dream come true for me. I can not thank them enough for their hard work and professional yet personal approach. THANK YOU!!!

By Kristina Batmendijnova.

Slovenia, posted in December 2017

I have used Perez McKenzie Immigration’s services to get my Permanent Residency which I recently received after approximately year and a half after our first meeting. The first application that we submitted was declined. After it had happened, Jenny drove from Vancouver to Whistler on Saturday afternoon just to meet me and tell me the news in person. She also assured me that the reason for the rejection was wrong and that we would submit a new application and clarify the little discrepancy in my papers. She took full responsibility for the mistake that was made and, therefore, also paid for my second application and assisted me for free! The second application was successful.
I really appreciated Jenny’s professional approach during the whole process but especially after the first application had been rejected. She seems to be a very fair person. The only thing that I wasn’t very happy about was that she was 20 minutes late for our first meeting but made me pay for the full hour.

By Ulli Schmid.

Germany, posted in October 2017

Super happy with Perez McKenzie Immigration
….we had one appointment with her, she helped us sort out all of our paper work and showed us the steps to getting my partners visa extended, even though it had previously seemed hopeless. Exactly one week after our appointment with her we drove to the border and my partner got a one year extended visa….we couldn’t be happier

By JJ Bate.

UK, posted in February 2017

I am really happy that I applied for Permanent Residency with PM Immigration. It is a complex process that Jenny, Silvana and the team made simpler using plain English and clear instructions. I received my Confirmation of Permanent Residency in just over seven months. This was largely due to them helping me prepare documents ahead of time, and always answering my questions promptly. I would recommend them to anyone seeking residency in Canada.

By Stella Lambrou.

UK, posted in August 2017

My experience with Jenny and her awesome team was nothing but positive .
My case was a little tricky and Jenny handled it with empathy , honesty and integrity, I could not recommend her more .
Thank you so much for helping me achieve my dream of permanent residency here in beautiful British Columbia!

By Hector Alejandro.

Chile, posted in July 2017

I totally recommend Perez McKenzie Immigration, they’re always able to answer your questions and they are very professional in their assistance, got my PR through them and I’m very grateful

By Gerard Hallahan.

Ireland, posted in March 2017

Jenny and her team were amazing , i found them to personable and professional and they showed great understanding and patience in their dealings with me ,they secured my permenant residency in recond time and i would encourage people thinking about hiring an immigration lawyer to look no further than Perez Mckenzie immigration

By Nicola Di Malinas.

Italy, posted in March 2018

Nothing other than the best professional legal assistance from this knowledgeable team of immigration lawyers. Thank you!

By Jared Wilbur.

Australia, posted in October 2017

I couldn’t recommend Perez McKenzie Immigration enough! Their knowledge, expertise and professional fluidity made obtaining my Permanent Residency a breeze.
I couldn’t imagine having done it without their help.

By Rory Falconer.

UK, posted in December 2019

Jenny and Silvana were brilliant to me. I honestly will say, that I would have not received my Permanent Status without their help. They were so understanding, and I had so much patience towards my case. They always listened to me, and always worked to find a solution to any question/situation I had. They were so nice, and friendly, and that also goes for the rest of their team. I would completely 100% recommend them. Thanks,

By Santiago Sanchez Jimenez.

Mexico, posted in December 2019

I was referred to Perez McKenzie Immigration Inc. by a friend undergoing the same immigration process I was. After a bad experience with an immigration consultant from Montreal, Jenny was professional and to the point. The amazing thing was that she understood the bad experience I was coming from, assured me about my options, and went straight to work on my case. Her and her team made sure that I was always informed about the progress of my application. Diligently worked on giving me realistic timelines, and managing my expectations. I recommend them to anyone looking to go through immigration processes.

By Tjasa Martinsek.

Slovenia, posted in February 2020

Jenny, Silvana and their team were very patient and professional with my long PR process. They were quick to answer any questions I had throughout the process and they explained everything very well. I’m happy to recommend Perez McKenzie Immigration to my friends who are looking for advice about immigration.
Thank you again for all your help and support, team!

By Fredric Sjoberg.

Sweden, posted in February 2020

First of all, I want to give the whole team a huge Thank you!!

My process of possessing Canadian residency was a bit complicated and PM Immigration helped me through with ease. PM Immigration (Jenny and Silvana) was always very responsive to answer my questions which made me confident in the process.
Thanks again for all your help, I am incredibly grateful!

By Michael Robinson.

England, posted in February 2020

I cannot recommend Perez Mckenzie Immigration enough. Jenny, Silvana and the rest of the team have done nothing but look after me in the most professional, caring and compassionate way since I started using them. My situation was very complicated as I was applying for PR but was accused of being inadmissible and had an exclusion order on me. I had won two hearings but the system I was caught in was hard to get out of and the minister won the third over a five-year fight. Jenny offered a solution, besides going for an appeal of the latest loss. Alongside my PR I submitted a humanitarian and compassionate grounds claim. This had to submit in 11 days. A PR application usually takes months to compile, but time was not on my side and I also had to submit the H&C claim. The team made it happen, they did this complicated filing in the incredibly short time frame because they were in the fight with me. Jenny even brought my wife and me flowers as we were getting my PR card in Vancouver. I felt like we were all in it together.
We will be forever grateful for what they did for us.

By Charlie Kattau.

The Netherlands, posted in February 2020

Jenny and Silvana have been absolutely fabulous on the PR Federal Express Entry journey. The whole process was smooth once we had a solid plan, which was discussed in depth. Well worth the finances and taking much of the stress away. Came into ck tact with Isabel too towards the end of the process who was equally as helpful as everyone who works for PM Immigration.

By Nadja Muller.

Germany, posted in February 2020

I got my PR after 4 months and I couldn’t have done it without the great help of Jenny and Catalina and the whole PM Immigration team. They answered all my questions, were very organized and super fast in responding! I thought it would cost me a fortune to hire a lawyer for my PR, but PM Immigration is very reasonably priced! I was actually positively surprised, after what I have heard from other people and what they paid for their lawyer! Thank you again for helping me with my application! Warmly, Nadja

By Vincent Revier.

The Netherlands, posted in February 2020

Amazing experience, from start to finish they have guided me in the exact direction I needed to go, Jenny and gabe told me what to do and when to do it and their team did the rest. Their path has led me to just now receiving my perminent resident status. Thank you so much! Highly recommended, will come back here once the time for citizenship comes up.

By Paul Hartley.

New Zealand, posted in March 2020

The folds here made my Permanent Residency application incredibly easy and straight forward. Fast, friendly replies to emails and always willing to help.