By Phoebe H.

UK, posted in October 2019

I had a pretty sensitive case so I decided to use Perez Immigration. I will be completely honest, I had a few different people deal with my case and a couple of times I did worry things were missed. I stressed this at one point and can honestly say they have been awesome since and fully reassured me! I’ve had to appeal my case and spent hours at the border getting investigated. Perez immigration have helped me every step of the way, and I am now at the final stage with the worst, most stressful part over! Huge thank you to everyone that helped with my application, but a massive shout out to Silvana (office manager) who has been absolutely AMAZING!!
Thanks you so much everyone!!

By Mark H.

UK, posted in October 2019

Excellent service, would highly Recommend!
Jenny and her team managed to keep me in Canada near when my visa ran out and secure my pr, infact a lot quicker than expected!

By Debora B.

Chile, posted in August 2019

Excellent service! They were always there for me to answer all my questions. They were kind and patient and some of them speak Spanish which made
everything easier. They even helped me once the process finished and that shows how professional they are. I highly recommend them.

By Tobias M.

Australia, posted in August 2019

Fantastic service. Eveyone that I dealt with at Perez Mckenzie was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and diligent. Their hard work are the reason so many people have successfully immigrated to Canada. I could not recommend them enough!

By Andrea A.

Colombia, posted in August 2019

Very first time I met Jenny was in 2016 after she helped a school-mate and her family to get their PR . I had just graduated college and wanted to get a head start on my possibilities. My case was not extremely complicated at first and she was very thorough with her explanation. Years passed, things got a bit trickier and I started to worry. Throughout the entire time, Jenny and her team were extremely approachable and a joy to work with. They were always very attentive and willing to help. I am now a happy permanent resident of Canada and I can honestly say I do not know what I would have done without their help. They answered every email, every phone call, always with a positive attitude. I would not hesitate to recommend Perez McKenzie Immigration to everyone! Thank you Jenny, Silvana, my case analyst and the entire team.