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Huge thank you to Jenny and Silvana who have been amazing to work with through the PR application process! They have made it as smooth and easy as possible, always responding to questions very promptly and making sure everything is done in a timely and professional manner. I highly recommend Perez McKenzie Immigration and have referred several friends their way. Thanks again for helping me make Canada my home!

Nadine Drysdale, March 2018

Jenny and her team were an amazing help during mine, and many of my friends residency applications. They are professional, knowledgeable, and very hard working, and were there with quick answers to every step along the way. I would recommend them to anyone needing help with residency and visa applications. They were completely worth the cost!

Chris Chandler, January 2018, UK

PM immigration has been nothing but the best decision I could have made in the process of becoming a Permanent Resident! Jenny, Silvana and the entire team are real professionals and make the whole process seam so easy! They approach every case with a specific plan that is methodical and most suited for your situation! Not only that, they are very flexible and ready to accommodate everyone! Specially in my case, since I live 2.5 hours for Vancouver most of our interaction was done through email, Skype or phone and it was never a problem! Becoming a resident of this beautiful country is quite intricate and delicate so I would recommend to everyone to seek legal advice and not just any but Perez McKenzie Immigration!

Janja Klemencic, February 2018

I attribute the reason I am still in Canada to the efficiency, timeliness, professionalism, and guidance that Perez McKenzie Immigration offered during the stressful permanent residency process. Each member of the team is personable, kind, and very good at their job. I would like to thank them immensely for their hard work. If you are looking to be represented look no further. This team is the best that you can get. I have nothing but good things to say about them. Put your trust and faith into them and I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. Once again, thank you so much to Perez McKenzie Immigration for helping me and making me feel most welcome here in Canada, my second home.

Tony Cecchetti, July 2017, USA

Jenny and Silvana were amazing through out my successful application. Since I live 6 hours from their office the whole application was done over phone/skype and email. During my application I have referred many friends who have also had an amazing service from the team!

Cale Roller, July 2017, Australia

Jenny has been super attentive and completely available. Her abilities to navigate the complexities as well as her patience with all of the legal requirements was very much appreciated! Jenny is the type of person that you want in your corner and if you ever have any doubt about the direction she is taking you, know that her greatest asset is her ability to listen. Jenny has a heart of gold, she truly cares, and I wouldn’t hesitate to call her if I needed her help.

Korey Klein, May 2017, Canada - Owner of Wood Fired Pizza - Whistler

I’m so glad that we applied for Permanent Residency with the help of Jenny and Silvana! The process for us involved many documents from around the world, and PM immigration helped us organise all of it one step at a time. They gave great advice, helped plan out how we could build enough points to apply, and then remained helpful and efficient throughout the entire process, even so far as going beyond their call of duty to send our final documents to the CIC. Thank you both for all your help! We couldn’t have done it without you!

Kelly Christophers, March 2017, South Africa

Results speak louder than words! So happy to be accepted as a permanent resident of Canada, truly life changing!
After my initial interview my dream was almost lost, with a very slim chance of PR. Jenny and the crew working seamlessly as if i was their only case, promptly replying to all my emails and calls which made this personally stressful process much easier.
Highly recommend Perez McKenzie Immigration, I will be sure to contact you in 2 years for Citizenship

Simon Sobolewski, January 2018

Perez Immigration have supported my application for permanent residency into Canada for over the last 15 months and their assistance couldn’t have been any better or more appreciated.

I personally dealt with Jenny and Alan on a regular contact basis and they were always on hand to offer assistance, sometimes even on their days off!

Thank you for everything it was a pleasure!

Alex Fountain, January 2018

Not long after moving to Whistler, Canada I knew I wanted to live here for the long term and Perez McKenzie Immigration had been recommended to me by a friend. Through the whole residency process, they have been very proactive, transparent and supportive-they always had the next step of the residency process sorted well ahead of time, I always knew what was going on, and whenever something was unclear, Jenny and the rest of the team where there to reassure me and make sure it all ran smoothly. For anyone wanting to become a resident of Canada, I’d highly recommend using Perez McKenzie Immigration.

Kyle Chapman, July 2017, New Zealand

Jenny Perez and her team really understood our situation and chose what we felt was the best strategy for our family, making our PR process smooth and stress free. They were always reachable for answering questions and helping troubleshoot all kinds of unexpected external situations along the way. If you feel more comfortable communicating in Spanish, working with them is a plus! We have no hesitation in working with them in the future; in fact, we look forward to it.

Fausto Estrada, June 2017, Mexico

Jenny and her team were amazing. I found them to personable and professional and they showed great understanding and patience in their dealings with me. They secured my permenant residency in recond time and I would encourage people thinking about hiring an immigration consultant to look no further than Perez McKenzie Immigration.

Gerard Hallahan, March 2017, Ireland

To anyone deciding if they want to work with PM Immigration, do it! I first started working with PM Immigration in early January 2015 and nearly 2 years later I have made it back to Canada on my BCPNP. For me there were many ups and downs because of the changes in the Canadian immigration system over the past 2 years. But every time, Jenny and her team have been there to help me and give me that extra push that I needed. There were times that I believed I would not be able to return to Canada due to the time passed, and I was also back in my home country and Canada seemed far far away. Jenny always assured me I had a great chance and to stick with my application. Needless to say it has completely paid off and now I’m waiting for my permanent residency! PM Immigration are professional and friendly, and if you are willing to put 100% into your application, with the help of this team I’m certain you will achieve your goals . I honestly don’t think I could have received my BCPNP by myself, especially since I was back home, so the money I paid was worth every bit. I would recommend them to anyone in need of help 100% and I would like to thank each one at PM Immigration for their hard work and dedication to helping me achieve my goals.

Jack Hodson, February 2017, UK