By Thomas G.

India, posted in November 2018

I did my permanent residence application with Perez Mckenzie, it was processed and approved well within time. I must say that PM made my journey through this complicated process an easy one. Jenny and Silvana handled my case personally and always answered queries and concerns promptly. Their efforts and decesion making made a great impact on making sure my application goes through and has nothing missing in it avoiding any delays or rejections as I have seen in case of some of my friends, who did their application themselves.

I would recommend PM to everyone who does not have much idea about how immigration application works as its better to do it right the first time than making mistakes that will cost your application.

By Nicolas D.

Italy, posted in November 2018

Very professional en knowledgeable legal assistance has led to a positive result in getting a Canadian Permanent Resident Card. Thank you!

By Fabio B.

Brazil, posted in November 2018

We We are extremelly grateful for what Silvana and her team did for us. Not only they were a huge support with our documents, asking us for the most relevant ones, making sure we had the best tools in hand to aim for our Visa, but they were also a support emotionally. They never hesitate to help us with our doubts and to ease our minds and hearts when we had our doubts and concerns. They took care of our entire process always making sure that we were progressing in the best outcome possible. We could never have done it ourselves since they provided us with all the information that we needed and in a very short period of time. We have our visas in hand and are very happy and thankful for all the hard work. I would recommend them anytime. Thank you!!!

By Ashish K.

India, posted in November 2018

I would highly recommend Perez Mckenzie Immigration. I was successful in getting Canadian Permanent Residency.Silvana and Jenny were very helpful along the way.

Silvana and Jenny made my entire Immigration process with minimal stress.To make things even better she managed to get everything submitted and expidited and we had our Permanent Residency within 3 months.