By Brooke Beane. 

USA, posted in June 2015

Jenny is extremely professional, organized and her business process is very streamlined and efficient. She and her assistants were always quick to respond to any of my questions, and made sure I was staying on track to meet all of my deadlines. I had no clue what I was doing when it came to applying for PR and could not have finished such a big task on my own. She is extremely reliable, hardworking, sincere and kind hearted. Jenny truly cares for each of her clients, and I highly recommend her to anyone interested in immigrating to Canada. I will definitely be hiring Perez McKenzie Immigration when I apply for Canadian citizenship in the future

By Louise Mackinnon.

Australia, posted in June 2015

After visiting several immigration consultants, feeling as though something was amiss, I sought advice from Jenny and instantly knew she was the one to help me. Not only was Jenny a warm and welcoming businesswoman, I was absolutely thrilled at every single effort she made for me, even during her pregnancy and birth of her baby daughter. Not once was there ever a breakdown in communication with Jenny and her staff always displaying an elite level of professionalism and friendliness towards me making me feel as there were no other clients but myself. Jenny and her team went above and beyond all of my expectations making what would of been quite a daunting task, feel stress-free and effortless throughout the entire process. With a few curve balls thrown her way due to amendments within the immigration law act, Jenny was flawless in seeing through my permanent residency from beginning to end. I will continue to recommend clients to Jenny for as long as there are people looking to achieve the gift of permanent residency in Canada. I can’t thank her enough for making my dream become a reality!

By Emilio Demori. 

Italy, posted in June 2015

When I met Jenny, I was running out of time. I could not accept I had to leave Canada in a month. Most of my friends warned me that finding an alternative would not be possible, but in just a few days Jenny arranged my paperwork and most of all, she motivated both me and my employer when we were losing the hope of collecting all we needed on time… and we made it! I also want to tell you an episode that happened some time after: when I had to go to the border to fix some papers, she drove me there for free. They could not believe it. They were asking her “are you driving your client for free? really? how come?”. This action goes way beyond honesty. She rocks at her job and she does it because she likes helping us achieving our goals and she cares about it. I would not be here today if it was not for Jenny. I would recommend her without any doubt, personally and professionally.

By Jesse Goodman. 

Australia, posted in March 2015

When taking into consideration my future, my career, my love for Canada, the friends I have made here and my care free way of life in this beautiful country, I did not want to leave anything to chance. I had Perez McKenzie Immigration help me from start to finish on my permanent residency application. Not having to worry about websites, filling out & submitting mountains of confusing paper work, Jenny’s professional approach and personal care with my case has let me take the hassle out of applying for my residency and I am now one step closer to one day living my dreams.

By Rob Swift. 

UK, posted in May 2015

With Jenny’s in depth knowledge of the immigration system, she saw hope in my application to stay in Canada where myself and others believed I was ineligible. Jenny and her dedicated team worked hard on my behalf to make sure my application for residency was the best that it could be, taking the stress out of the situation for me. Unlike larger immigration companies I consulted, Jenny takes a personal approach and gets to know you and was always there to hear my thoughts and concerns regarding all steps of the immigration process.