We are happy to answer quick specific questions for our existing clients, because we have already met with them and have a good understanding of their immigration situation. If we have not already met with you to review your situation, we are not able to answer “just a quick question” for your situation. Canadian immigration is complicated and most often the correct answer to your “quick question” will depend on a host of other factors that are unique to your situation. You may not be aware of what you don’t know, and that could seriously affect your situation.

Here’s an example. One client recently contacted our office with questions about his Canadian Permanent Residence Application. During the course of our consultation, we discovered information that led to the conclusion that he is actually already a Canadian citizen and doesn’t need to be stressing about his application for Permanent Residence (which seemed likely to be refused at the time). If we would have just answered his quick question about his application for PR, chances are that he would have left Canada when his work permit expired and may never have come to realize that he is entitled to remain in Canada forever. That’s a big deal!