Happy Valentine’s Day and Family Day to all!

It’s that time of the year where love is in the air. The cold also makes us miss our Dad’s and Mom’s heartiest stews which could melt every winter-frozen heart. And while Cupid is out an about releasing his arrows, Perez McKenzie Immigration is on love-mission of our own: to reunite lovebirds and families.

Every year, we work along Cupid to bring people together by helping clients with their Sponsorship applications. And since these applications are quite hefty, we decided to write a little helpful post regarding the different kinds of applications that exist.

Sponsorship – Common-law Partner Inside or outside of Canada

These types of sponsorship require that among other things, the partners have proof of their relationship. Indeed, they should prove that they have lived together for at least 12 consecutive months in order to be regarded as “Common-Law” under Canada’s law. However, the couple will also have to declare the relationship by signing a Statutory Declaration of Common-Law Union (IMM 5409). Nevertheless, this document must be sworn before a Commissioner of Oaths. Luckily, we happen to have one at PM!

These applications can be done by Canadian Citizens who wish to sponsor their common-law partners inside or outside of Canada. As well as Canadian Permanent Residents residing in Canada only. Please note that you must not have been sponsored by a previous Common-law Partner in the past 5 years.

For more information please see the link below: Sponsor your common-law partner – IRCC website

Sponsorship – Spouse Inside or Outside of Canada

The Spousal sponsorship applications require that the spouses have proof of their marriage. The couple must declare any dependents, and provide affidavits from friends and family (among other proof of relationship documents), in order to verify the authenticity of the marriage.

Canadian Citizens living abroad or in Canada, and Canadian Permanent Residents residing in Canada exclusively,  who wish to sponsor their spouses living inside or outside of Canada can apply for this type of application.

For more information please see the link below: Sponsor you spouse – IRCC website

Sponsorship – Parents and Grandparents

The Parents and Grandparents program is a type of Sponsorship application that allows Permanent Residents of Canada, living in Canada to sponsor their blood-related or adoptive parents and grandparents and their conjugal spouses. The sponsors can also include their siblings or half-siblings if they qualify as dependent children.

You can sponsor more than 1 person or couple, as long as you do have proof of sufficient funds for all the applicants and their dependents. However they must meet the eligibility requirements.

For more information click on the link below: Sponsor your parents and grandparents – IRCC website

If Cupid’s arrow has pierced your heart and you and your partner/spouse/family have fallen in love with Canada, and would like to sponsor them, book a consultation with Perez McKenzie Immigration, and start your lovey-dovey immigration path to a  new life in Canada today!

If you require assistance with your application or have questions about these programs, we can assist you.

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