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St. Kitts and Nevis

Citizenship by Investment Program

A two-island state west of Antigua in the eastern Caribbean, St Kitts and Nevis offer one of the fastest citizenship-by-investment programs. Its government offers an accelerated application process reducing the processing period to 60 days or less.


The requirements for an applicant are:

  • Be over 18 years of age
  • Meet the due-diligence requirements
  • To make a non-refundable DONATION to the Sustainable Growth Fund starting from USD 150,000 (for a single applicant) or USD 195,000 (for a family up to 4).


  • Purchase a qualifying REAL-ESTATE of at least USD 200,000 in government approved projects with the option to resale after 7 years.


  • All principle applicants and their dependents must have clean personal backgrounds
  • None of the principle applicants or their dependents should have been refused a visa from a country that has visa-exempt travelling arrangements with St Kitts & Nevis.
  • None of the principle applicants or their dependents should be identified as a potential national security risk.
  • None of the principle applicants or their dependents should be a reputational risk.
  • None of the principle applicants or their dependents should be subject to an on-going criminal investigation.


The process is likely to take between 3 and 4 months from submission of the application to issuance of the passport (if no the application has no areas of concern).

Time Application Process
Month 1-1 Initial due diligence.

Sign client agreement, complete government forms and supporting documentation.

If purchasing real-state, sign an agreement with the developer.

Month 3 Application documents reviewed and amended.
Month 4 On approval, necessary contributions are made.


  • Citizens residing on the island will not be subject to personal income tax, estate duty, succession or inheritance taxes, gift taxes or net worth tax.
  • Corporate tax rate is set at 35%. Some companies may qualify for tax reductions on profits for up to a 15year period.
  • Companies and foundations with no business transactions on the island will not be taxed.
  • Individuals and companies remitting payments to persons outside of St Kitts and Nevis will be subject to a 10% withholding tax.
  • There is a minimal annual property tax calculated on the market value of the property.
  • VAT is currently set at 17% in St Kitts and Nevis.


  • Visa-free travel to 154 countries including the EU Schengen area, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong
  • Full Citizenship with passport granted to main applicant, spouse, children, and parents or grandparents
  • Required donation of USD 150,000 minimum.
  • No personal income tax, gift tax, inheritance tax or net worth tax
  • No Minimum presence is required
  • Dual citizenship permitted

If you are interested and serious about participating in this program, please get in touch with us today!

Note: Information on how to start the process and advice will be given only through a paid consultation.